what's this all about?

What's behind this digital punk Icon Collection?

Being of a certain age, there was always something ethereal when you brought home that all new piece of vinyl. 
From the sleeve, with the full artwork front and back and occasionally the spine. There was the "new" smell of the cardboard, even more so when there was a gatefold sleeve. 

Next was pulling out the inner sleeve, there was always a slight air of disappointment if it was a simple plain white 12" paper bag style - however those times that you were gifted with a front to back inner sleeve with copious amounts of sleevenotes, pictures, lyrics... then as a young kid - that was your escapism - reading over and over..

Wondering what the studio location was like while recording, how the songs came together - in the pre-internet days, where there was no fly-on-the-wall webcam or reality show or tweet/instagram updates and with only 3(then 4) channels of television.

if you're a music nut, you'll relate somehow/someway to all that - so now we leap forward to 2018...

take some of the most iconic album covers ever and just give them a new spin... or as we say

Reimagined | Remastered | Remixed and lovingly Restored for the 21st Century..

001 is of course the classic Velvet Underground & Nico by Andy Warhol - except we peeled the banana this time...